11 cold weather skin routine tweaks.

Adjusting your skin care routine when seasons change is critical to year-round skin health and appearance.


Photo by Lance Barton

Well, we’re deep into fall and winter is close behind, so we need to think about our quarterly skin plan adjustments, here are some tips:


•Powerful Beauty really is the most dramatic skin protection and enhancement supplement in the world, and it helps you year round. If you haven’t, start now.


•You still need SPF as if you’re in the summer sun.


•Don’t make too many product changes and shock your skin, supplement where you need to.


•Pay particular attention if you have sensitive skin.


•You may want to use a gentler cleanser so as not to disrupt your skin barrier.


•Keep hydrated.


•Add thicker product and massage it in.


•See your master esthetician asap and let the pro tell you how to adjust your routine.


•Take it easy on alcohol.


•Don’t forget your body from the neck down. Slather yourself with moisturizer.


•Take care of your lips. It’s easy for the wind to turn a slight chap into a real mess.


We’re going to get through this season together!

Lance is the CEO of Advanced Biology, a company dedicated to wellness for everyone through one powerful pill, and a mission to save lives through mental health crisis intervention.