Supplement truth.

Let’s get real about supplements.

If supplements work, why doesn’t everyone take them, and if they don’t, why does anyone take them? Most supplements don’t do anything other than make money for the supplement companies, and the marketing hype is overwhelming. So who can you trust?


It’s tough to compete with giant companies drowning out our message in the market, but let’s explore the truth about supplements.

Supplements don’t work.

The placebo effect can be powerful for a little while. But really, what have you gained from taking a complicated pile of workout pills and powders? Vitamins? Nootropics? Gummies to help you sleep and strengthen your nails? What was your baseline before that? Does the data on those supplements add up, or even show a significant change you can expect?


We think the majority of supplements are useless. The market is massive, and companies spend huge budgets on dubious social media ads, influencers that have never used their product, and alleged doctors with incredible tales to tell.

Why don’t they work?

Most supplements are trend-chasing. Companies see a supplement selling, and they create a near identical formula, adding yet another me-too product for consumers to weed through. Setting aside the fact that many supplements are created to make money and not results, there are other problems:


They contain token, but not useful doses of nutrients. If an ingredient is getting buzz in the market, they put a little in their formula to say their product also includes this wonder substance, and use the claims of useful doses in their marketing.


They use poor quality nutrients. There are cheap, less effective alternatives to responsibly sourced, safely processed ingredients, and requires no disclosure. 


They list “proprietary formulas” in their supplement facts which adds mystique, but is a game. This is usually a way to hide the fact that they include useless nutrient doses, getting around it by giving a total mg count of these combinations.


They make wild claims, but their supplements don’t provide the promised results, and certainly not at the speed they indicate. They know people want incredible changes immediately, but in reality that takes time, and it takes an effective product, which is rare.

How are we different?

We are different in every way. Powerful is a special supplement, backed by data from trials and studies published in the most respected medical journals. We spent years researching to create the supplement we wanted to take, and it works. Everything we say can be verified, and we use doses that get proven results.


Nothing is hidden. We clearly list every nutrient and dose. We use the safest, highest quality ingredients, including patented nutrients that are safely sourced. We are always available for your questions. We don’t farm out customer service, we, the core team will respond.


We don’t play the game. We don’t have fake sales, cheesy ads and websites making outrageous claims or playing on your insecurities. We don’t have influencers that are not users of our product. And we definitely don’t want to sell you something you don’t need. If Powerful doesn’t seem right for you, don’t take it. Have you ever heard a supplement company say that?


We are serious about our goal of raising awareness and providing resources for those suffering with mental health issues. Many companies have insincere giving strategies, or none at all. We want to make a revolutionary difference with our supplement, and our ability to do whatever we can to improve the lives of those experiencing a mental health crisis.


Of course, we need to turn a profit to do what we do, but we don’t compromise, so our margins are thin. We may be the underdog, but we believe that if we make the one, best supplement, we and our users will be successful. Whether or not you are a Powerful supplement user, we hope you will join us in our mission to save lives through mental health crisis intervention.