Our story.

Our story isn’t folksy, but it’s how we got here.

You have probably noticed supplement companies selling a story about how suffering with an ailment, spending time in the hospital or something else sent them down a road of healing, leading to their creation of a line of supplements. Or a dubious doctor giving strong endorsement to run of the mill supplements based on their alleged time in the trenches of healthcare.


Emotions aside, does ay of this matter, and should it factor in your choosing to use a supplement?

The truth is simple.

We took every kind of supplement over the years and found that they all have something in common - they don’t do anything. But what if they could? A supplement that actually delivers the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people became an obsession. Not a pill or powder for one thing, a gummy or capsule for another, just one powerful pill. After years researching and experimenting trying to create a supplement that gets real results, we were successful.

The pill we want to take.

We use our own product, and we see results. The benefits for skin, cognition, athletic performance, menopausal symptom relief, male sexual enhancement, antioxidant action, bone and joint support, circulation, heart health, and so much more are undeniable. Beyond the data that verifies the safety and effectiveness of Powerful, our users have a lot to say. Not only do they let us know about the awesome effects of using our supplement over time, they reorder. If it doesn’t work, you wouldn’t buy more, right?


There is a lot you should know about supplements in general. Check out our primer, Supplement Truth to learn more.

An important part of our story.

We are living our story every day. We need your support if we are going to continue to enhance the lives of Powerful users, but we aren’t going to pressure you, it’s not our style. If Powerful doesn’t seem right for you, don’t take it, no hard feelings. You might decide to try it later, and we will still be here if you do.


In addition to helping people become healthier with the Powerful supplement, we hope you will join us in our mission to save lives through mental health crisis intervention. Sometimes we all need a little help, and sometimes it can save a life. Mental health is the front line issue for yourself and those around you, and we hope you get involved, or get the help you need.


It may sound corny, but together we can create a powerful legacy of improved mental and physical health for a lot of people. If you give us a try, we think you will love the results of our supplement, and we hope you participate in helping those in crisis find the resources they need.